MY story

Hello! I'm Clare and I am the owner and maker at Chester Candles & Co. The journey started in the summer of 2018, I wanted to do something with my spare time and I was turning 30 in the Autumn. This is where Chester Candles & Co. was born.

Fast forward to October 2018 and I made my first candle in my kitchen. I had my melting jug with the wax, chose my fragrance, added a wick to the container and off I went. I was so proud of it, lit it and it smelled amazing. 

I made a few more but they just weren't the same. I wasn't happy with how it was burning and the lack of scent. I needed to do some research so off I went. I quickly learnt candle making is a science and I was rubbish at science at school and because of that, Chester Candles & Co. nearly ended up with a different name, but I'll leave that there! 

It's taken me 16 months to finally end up with candles I am proud of and after feedback from friends and family, am so proud to be able to sell.

Each candle is carefully hand made in my kitchen in small batches. I have a passion for perfection and excellence and I hope you see this is reflected in my candles. I aim to bring a little bit of luxury and light to your life. xx